Property Cleaning & Maintenance Services

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Property Cleaning & Maintenance Services

We offer professional cleaning and maintenance services for residential and commercial properties. We tailor a plan and build a team for your need that will take the responsibility of making sure your building is always looking at its best. We can perform the responsibilities of a super, janitor/porter, cleaning services, handyman and much more.

Our Property Cleaning and
Maintenance Services include

Office Buildings and Suites

Scrubright handles the offices, suites, maintenance offices, rental office spaces or other management offices in a perfect way. We work to make each area and space properly clean and sanitized. A clean and sanitary workspace is very important to both worker health and productivity.

Restroom Cleaning and Consumables

Public restrooms on your commercial property that are shared by different staff need to be handled and maintained by highly trained professionals. To avoid any risk from bacteria and disease we do the professional cleaning and sanitizing. We not only keep your restroom cleaned and comfortable, but we also keep them stocked with soaps, towels and other consumables.

Clubhouses And Reception Areas

The clubhouses and reception areas in an apartment complex or homeowner’s associations are a valuable asset for attracting new tenants or buyers. Every serious building management should keep these areas clean, comfortable and inviting.

Special Event Clean-up

When organizing special events in your property management firm, you need to make sure that the space you’re inviting your special guests is under control. Scrubright helps you in cleaning and taking care of your property after an event or getting ready for your next daily use.

Move-In | Move Out Cleanings

After every tenant leaves your building or apartment it’s very important for your as owner to prepare the space for next tenants and make it ready as early as possible. Our team of cleaning professionals makes sure to clean and prepare the spaces for you to bring new tenants freely.

Parking Lots

Parking areas are often very important for tenant’s first impression of your rental property’s overall cleanliness. You don’t want for a tenant or a business partner to make a bad impression on your business or building because of an untidy parking lot. Scrubright makes your parking lots are cleaned, organized and free of debris.

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