Porter Services

Porter Services

Scrubright services provides janitorial services needed for the buildings to keep a functional environment. These services include cleaning and servicing as well as supporting the customers, residents, employees and tenants in the building.

In Porter Services it is also included:
  • Spotless cleaning of both floors and windows
  • Restrooms maintenance throughout the typical workday
  • Paper supply management and replenishment
  • Full scale lobby maintenance
  • Lighting Maintenance and replenishment
  • Exterior building maintenance including trash, debris and snow removal
  • Breakroom and coffee center maintenance
  • Facility safety checks

Who needs Porter Services?

Porter Services need all business owners whose businesses are quite frequented by clients throught the day. Day porters are the silent, yet seen, heroes of a business. These professionals clean and support your business’s personal image. Scrubright porter services ensure that customers, employees, and everyone who visit your property is satisfied by providing an invaluable service: keeping your facility clean and in good repair. As a business owner, your list of to-dos’ is always growing, which is where a Day Porter staff member can help.

Customize the Services to Fit Your Needs

When deciding which services would be most beneficial to your organization or property, we will discuss to create a detailed plan for your organization and start working together. Having a detailed description and schedule of what you expect will give your porter staff member direction and a clear understanding of what is expected from our team. You can choose only a specified number of porter services that you need to be covered by our team and we will schedule duties and keep everyone on track.

Let us show you what we can do for you

Leave us your info and we will reach out to hear your needs and find a way to
accomplish all your requirements.