Maid Services

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We offer Top Notch cleaning services with the best and kindest maids.
Our cleaning services are made to meet your needs.
We offer basic cleaning, deep cleaning or you can request your own unique customized cleaning. Our prices range based on the size of the home given the number of bedrooms.
Our team is always ready to make your to-do list easier and help you by saving hours with a thorough one-time cleaning service.

One-time Cleaning and Maid Services include:

Window washing and blind cleaning

Clean light fixtures, baseboards, millwork, etc.

Main Entrance, reception area and foyer cleaning

Sanitize all doorknobs, telephones and light switches

Vacuuming, floor dusting, wet mop and machine scrubbing

Our one-time cleaning services are great for:

Small businesses

Post-renovation cleanups




Living areas




Moving in or out of a space

And more

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Satisfaction guaranteed

Highly trained teams on your service

Experience on various industries

High quality cleaning practices & products

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