Apartment Turnover Services

Apartment Turnover Services

Scrub Right

Do you need a detailed cleaning of your property so you can lease it or sell it?

We understand the requirements for fast and cost efficiency during apartment turnovers. With Scrubright you will have the perfect staff to clean your property and prepare for the next residents. Our company offers top to bottom apartment turnovers in NYC. We will wash up, clean, remove leftover items and garbage and disinfect the space. You can easily transfer a clean apartment to a new tenant or move in a clean fresh home.

Benefits of working with Scrubright

Response Time

If you’re looking for turnover services, we ca have our team handling it within 24 hours. We believe that timing is everything on business and we try to be as efficient as possible. We understand that sometimes things come up faster than planned and you might need to turn your apartment over sooner than later.

Save Time & Costs

Nothing costs you more than vacancy and lost rent time! Scheduling multiple contractors to take care of your turnovers will cost you a lot of time. Trying to meet up with multiple contractors to sign multiple service contracts is not an efficient use of your time.

Attention to Detail

Our work as company is always quality oriented. This means we will always make sure to deliver the highest quality to our customers. We understand that the attention to details and experience is needed to get the job done right, which is why we hire experienced professionals who are specialized in painting, carpentry, cleaning etc.

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