About Us

The Best Full Service Cleaning Company

About Us

Our mission is to provide all customers with the best quality of cleaning services for residential and commercial requests. We offer different cleaning frequencies according to your needs and preferences.

With our experienced home and office cleaning staff, we do the job right the first time. Our experts at Scrubright provide detailed services, designed to keep your property looking its best all year round.

Why Choose Scrubright

What to Expect
  • Highly Trained Staff

    Our staff is trained and prepared for any kind of difficulties that may occur during the process of cleaning, in buildings or different spaces, making sure to always deliver the best for our clients.

  • Safe & Secure

    We make sure to use only the best products and offering our services with modern techniques in the safest way.

  • Fast & Effective

    Our team offers the qualitative services in a very fast and effective way.

  • Best Quality

    You’ll receive the best cleaning services for your day to day operations, post construction situations, apartment turn-overs and porter/janitorial services.

Let us show you what we can do for you

Leave us your info and we will reach out to hear your needs and find a way to
accomplish all your requirements.

    Scrubright promises to deliver every service on time and with the outmost professionalism.

    Our highly professional cleaning team uses safe and healthy cleaning and sterilization products with the best cleaning techniques in the industry. With Scrubright you are assured that our cleaning process will allow you to move and enjoy your space without any risk from unsafe chemical substances or any danger left from the construction process.